What is Singletrack?

In the world of mountain biking there is no resource more valuable than singletrack. Singletrack is typically a trail that is no more than 18” wide and requires you to ride in single file rather than side by side.

Whether you ride Downhill, XC or All Mountain the idea of a scenic, challenging ride in the backcountry is what many riders invest their time and thier money into this sport for.

I Love Singletrack Testimony.

Late in 2009 I broke my wrist from doing what I love most…riding the North Umpqua Trail in Oregon. Due to the injury, I am stuck in a cast for 12 – 14 weeks and under very strict orders to not touch my handlebars until getting cleared from the doctor.

So while I am out for 14 weeks I had plenty of time to think. During this process a lot of things went through my mind. What am I going to do if I cant ride? What will I do to pass the time? But the most important question I could come up with was this. “What if I had never been introduced to mountain biking?” and it struck me! There are thousands of kids that will never know the joy and exhilaration of riding epic singletrack.

So now the most important question I could come up with is this. “What am I going to do to help?” that’s when I decided to start ILOVESINGLETRACK.Our main focus is to provide deserving kids with a free trail worthy mountain bike. Along with giving the bike we team up with several local dealers in any area to teach kids other important aspects of riding such as trail maintenance, riding techniques, packing out your trash, bike maintenance, and most of all respect for other riders or hikers.

ILOVESINGLETRACK likes to think that if we start them off young, than the kids will have years of riding to enjoy and that maybe they will return the favor for someone they know who needs a gift too!